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What is Artificial Grass Made From?

Artificial grass is made up from a combination of materials which make up different parts of the grass. The blades themselves are made up mostly of polyethalene, a common form of plastic that can also be found in items such as plastic bottles and bags. The thatch of the grass, which is found surrounding the roots, is made up of polypropylene which is a similar material. The backing of the grass can be one of two materials. Typically most artificial grass has a latex backing, however Grass Now do offer a polyurethane backing which has many advantages over the standard backing - see our PU Backing page for more information.

Is it Suitable for Pets?

In one word, YES! There are many many advantages to installing artificial grass for pets. To name a few: - No more muddy paws through the house - No more digging - No urine stains/dead grass - No track marks from the energetic types Unlike real turf, artificial grass wont die when urinated on. It is also permeable, meaning it will not absorb urine and hold smells like real grass and mud does.

Is it Difficult to Install?

Installing artificial grass can be simple if installing one piece onto a solid surface such as a balcony.

Installing multiple pieces where joins are needed can require more skill! These skills, however, can be learnt by reading up on installation guides and watching instruction videos.

We would always recommend contacting a local landscaper to advise on the best way to install your grass as every garden is different!

How do I Maintain it?

Artificial grass requires very little maintenance, one of the biggest benefits to getting it in the first place! If used regularly, artificial grass can start to flatten over time. We'd recommend using a stiff yard brush to brush against the pile and keep the grass in its most upright position. It may look silly but a very effective way to keep your artificial grass clean is to vacuum it. This helps get all smaller bits from between the grass blades as well as pulling the grass into an upright position. Sanitiser spray is available for artificial grass which can help maintain a nice clean smell in your garden.

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LARGE Sample Pack

Order yourself a set of extra large artificial grass samples.

Each pack contains all 11 of our most popular artificial grasses. Custom sample packs and individual samples can be requested.

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